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The Lily Pins journey began in 2001 when Jenny Twigg, Founder and MD, was a care worker and began working as a hairdresser in a local care home. Spending a lot of time on the Dementia unit, Jenny developed a deep understanding of the condition, and the need for specialist training for this vulnerable clientele:

“Working as both carer and hairdresser, I received wonderful feedback from my clients’ families as they saw how the combination of skills enabled me to provide a really special service. I juggled the two roles for a while, but finally decided to simply blend my two passions and build what was to become Lily Pins – a specialist Dementia trained hairdressing service.

The demand for my services enabIed me to take on a team of hairdressers as I received more and more enquiries. Taking the Lily Pins experience to other care establishments, I soon learned that there wasn’t (and still isn’t) any legislation obligating outside service providers such as those providing ‘personal’ services to be Dementia trained.

Lily Pins is still the only company of our kind, now offering beauticians alongside our original hairdressing service. I have never lost focus of where it all began, and as a company we still offer a weekly service to that local care home where it all began, 13 years ago.

There are now 23 Lily Pins salons within different care home settings mainly throughout Herts, Essex, the Home Counties and The Midlands, all represented by our talented and committed hairdressing and beauty professionals. And we are fast expanding via a franchise model and through our new training programmes for third parties.

Lily Pins - Dementia Trained Hairdressers

We manage all services from our head office in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, using our tried and tested procedures which includes a specific database of each home’s clients, their personality profile, their individual preferences and handling requirements. We build this understanding of our clients’ needs through a combination of client interaction and dialogue with their carers, friends and families, all of whom are encouraged to sit in with us on our salon appointments.

Lily Pins prides itself on creating a unique salon experience in the homes we service – a safe, tranquil, compliant and fun haven where clients are treated with respect, their dignity is preserved and their personalities and style are allowed to flourish. This leaves the care home staff to go about their daily routines knowing their residents are in the safest hands. We also relieve them from the administration chores by managing the process and paperwork from start to finish.

It’s also no coincidence that many of the care homes that Lily Pins have been working with are noticing a spike in some of their key performance indicators, such as client and family satisfaction, client care, occupancy and retention rates, staff loyalty, less staff churn and value for money.

As Lily Pins has progressed, a priority of mine has been to campaign alongside organisations such as the DAA to work towards legislation that protects those living with Dementia, ensuring they are safe in the hands of outside service providers.

Additionally, I am very excited to be introducing a new Lily Pins training arm which will utilise my own Dementia training qualifications and professional experience to offer the only bespoke Dementia training programme for hairdressers and beauticians in the UK see more details here.

In doing so, my aim is to educate as many of the next generation of hairdressers and beauticians as possible, empowering them to pursue and deliver the highest possible quality service to the care home sector while selflessly fulfilling the much deserved needs of our older generations”.

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