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The Lily Pins Work Ethos

Lily Pins is a compassionate company with high standards and a great understanding of the various environments in which we are contracted to work.

Individually, members of the Lily Pins team have a passion for undertaking our specialist Dementia training and providing a service to ensure the safest and most tranquil salon environment for the most vulnerable of clients.

Our stylists visit in teams of two, offering our clients a choice of hairdresser (and two pairs of hands to aid moving and handling).

Lily Pins’ Policies & Procedures

Lily Pins policies and procedures are designed to reflect those of the care environments in which we work, allowing our team to be a seamless extension of yours.

Lily Pins is only too aware that there is a lack of legislation and quality control governing the provision of ‘personal’ external services to the Care Sector. We recognize the need for such regulation and believe that the service we provide in hair care and beauty is an industry benchmark.

Our policies are reviewed every 2 years; in between times we are always keeping abreast of any changes regarding requirements and new legislation within the care sector and will update our documentation accordingly.

We carry out our own DBS checks using the umbrella company Care Check. Making our DBS’s transferrable similar to that of Care Agency staff, we save each care establishment time and money in carrying out this procedure on every individual.

Lily Pins advocates person-centred care, and the awareness of POVA. All policies and procedures are tailored entirely to meet with industry specific requirements and our specific clientele. Through the practical experience of working day to day in our salons, Lily Pins has developed an innovative and bespoke service that is not only ethical, but also professional.

Lily Pins remains the only company within the UK to have built such a business model, which our staff adhere to with precision and passion.

The Lily Pins Operating Model For New Care Home Clients:

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  • Quantum Care
  • Care Check
  • Dementia Friends
  • Dementia Action Alliance
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